Fox News Shatters Record For 17th Straight Week Of Winning

( Fox News seems to have realized that angering conservatives and Trump supporters isn’t a winning strategy, and after announcing a new line-up of conservative hosts and contributors like Dan Bongino and Trey Gowdy, the network is reaching fresh new heights in terms of viewership.

Fox News Channel has blown all other networks out of the water for the 17th week running, finishing number one among all other basic cable networks from June 7 to 13. The network averaged 1.2 million viewers, and topped ESPN, which finished second with an average of 783,000 viewers.

Far-left network MSNBC came third, and fake news network CNN came sixth place with an average of just 557,000 viewers.

Could CNN have just been manufacturing outrage through the Trump administration to drum up viewers for its failing network? Surely not…

CNN couldn’t even make up the numbers with its lineup of Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, and Chris Cuomo. But then again, Cuomo’s string of controversies over the last year probably haven’t helped with that. From pretending to come out of isolation in his basement when he’d been seen days earlier at his second home, to the recent revelation that he offered advice and guidance to his brother, the Democratic Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo.

Tucker Carlson is the biggest winner in the network news wars, with his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” averaging a massive 2.8 million viewers last week. He was the most-watched show in all of network news, which you’d think might make the Democrats and the left-wing press stop and think.

But…well, it didn’t.

Fox News revealed the data and showed that MSNBC is also struggling to pick up younger viewers, with the network falling below the top ten most-watch cable stations among people aged between 25 and 54 – the key demographic for news networks.

Could this be enough for Fox to realize that turning its back on Trump voters didn’t work then and won’t work again?