Fox News Comes Out Swinging Against John Fetterman’s Wife

( According to a report, Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) has been hospitalized to treat his severe depression. Laura Ingraham and a guest had harsh words for his wife, Gisele.

It has been reported by the head of staff that Senator John Fetterman has admitted himself to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to be treated for mental depression. Fetterman’s depression has been intermittent throughout his life but has recently reached a critical state.

According to the staffer’s statement, a doctor examined the senator and suggested he get inpatient treatment at Walter Reed. Fetterman has taken the doctor’s advice to heart and is voluntarily undergoing therapy.

Reports reveal that when the new senator felt faint during an event last week, he was sent to the hospital, where he stayed overnight for monitoring.

Last May, Fetterman suffered a stroke.

News reports showed that a stroke befell the senator while out campaigning for the Democrat primary for Pennsylvania’s Senate seat.

During the campaign, Fetterman gave off the impression that he was confused and often mispronounced phrases. The NBC Nightly News interview with Fetterman went horribly wrong, and reporter Dasha Burns took heat for pointing out that Fetterman had trouble with everything from understanding to speaking, to the point where he required a closed captioning device.


Burns explained to her colleagues that Fetterman’s campaign had to use closed captioning technology so that she could ask him questions without interrupting him. Burns said that without captioning, it was unclear whether or not he understood their pre-interview chat.

Reportedly, during an edition of “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News, both Ingraham and guest Ned Ryun criticized Gisele Fetterman.  Ryun drew parallels between Gisele Fetterman and the Shakespearean figure Lady Macbeth, who exploited her husband to gain power.

Ingraham said that Gisele Fetterman encouraged her husband to run for office. After spending time in a mental institution previously, he is now admitted for treatment of severe depression.

Ingraham felt the situation John Fetterman was put into by his wife was disgusting and cruel.