Fox News’ CEO Reportedly Behind Firing Decision

Many people are wondering why Tucker Carlson and Fox News have supposedly gone their separate ways. Some are suggesting that Carlson was fired. But most conservatives are calling the decision bad for Fox News. But a recent report claims that Fox Corporation CEO Lachlan Murdoch and Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott had decided the fate of the popular host during a conversation, according to Mediaite

The Wall Street Journal reported that Carlson was informed of his termination about 10 minutes before the network’s official statement came out, in which they thanked him for being a part of the operation. Insiders at Fox News reportedly told Mediaite that Carlson was a pariah within the network given his “conspiratorial coverage,” including naming the January 6th prisoners as victims. 

The news comes as the network settled a case with Dominion Voting Systems in a lawsuit that alleged that Fox had propagated misinformation surrounding them rigging the 2020 election in favor of Joe Biden. Text messages were obtained during discovery showing that Carlson had a special “hatred” for President Donald Trump and used misogynistic language toward women. 

While some claim that a “toxic” work environment is responsible for the termination, former Fox News host Megyn Kelly dismisses these claims, saying that the network is used to these baseless allegations and would not fire someone just because of them. Kelly also dismissed the claim that the network let Carlson go because of the recent lawsuit, noting that they have not fired Maria Bartiromo who was also named in the case. 

Tucker Carlson garnered around three million viewers per night during his show, according to American Pigeon. Now, many are asking what is going to happen to all of these viewers. One argument reportedly circulating is that many of the older viewers are not going to find Carlson on alternative sources of media, should he begin something independent.