Fox News’ Brit Hume Says Rising Opposition to Migration May Be ‘Tragic’

( According to a report, Fox News’ top political pundit Brit Hume said that the increasing American hostility to migration would be “tragic” to discourage politicians from bringing in even more foreign labor.

Fox News anchor Bret Baier questioned Hume on the findings of a recent Gallup survey that indicated increasing popular resistance to any immigration.

Hume remarked that it could be catastrophic and argued for ongoing mass immigration on behalf of the establishment class.

Hume explained that the contributions of immigrants to the United States have been invaluable. The capacity for them to do so must be maintained.  But the influx of illegal migrants encouraged by President Joe Biden and activist groups is to blame for the growing popular resistance to legal immigration.

Reports show that resistance is growing as more people feel the financial pinch brought on by the government’s mass illegal immigration strategy, which it has pursued for the last 33 years.

Large investors and employers benefit from this approach with low-wage labor and taxpayer-aided customers.

Breitbart reports it is time to bring back former President Trump’s immigration policies. The tighter labor market resulting from these restrictions led to pay increases for the average American.

An increasing number of Americans oppose immigration, and many mainstream media sites have acknowledged this shift.

According to a January FoxNews survey of 1,003 registered voters, 49% of Americans wanted a reduction in government-managed legal immigration, while 43% backed an increase.

According to a survey conducted between July 20 and 22, a wide margin of Americans believed that businesses should increase pay and make more efforts to attract Americans, even with cost increases.

Reports show the proposed asylum rule modification made by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) during the Biden administration has been criticized by advocates for border security at the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

In a news release, FAIR addressed a proposed rule change from President Biden’s DHS, calling it a remarkable admission of the problem at the border.