Fox News Boss May Be On Chopping Block, Rumors Say 

( Fox News president Suzanne Scott is rumored to be on the chopping block. But that’s not what Matt Drudge says. 

The Drudge Report says that Fox News President Suzanne Scott should not worry about her job security soon, refuting previous rumors to the contrary. 


The headline “FOX BOSS SCOTT NOT UP FOR CHOP, TOP SOURCES TELL DRUDGE…” may be seen at the top of  The Drudge Report landing page. 

This development follows a story by CNN media writer Oliver Darcy, titled “Reliable Sources,” carried on Drudge less than a day ago and clearly implied that Scott will soon be forced out of Fox News.  

Darcy speculated on the fate of Fox News’ troubled CEO, Suzanne Scott, citing the shocking levels of malfeasance that have come to light in recent weeks.  

Is Murdoch using her as a scapegoat? Is Murdoch canceling her to save his reputation and legacy? 

Ironically, Darcy’s “reliable sources” may not be all that trustworthy. Ben Smith of Semafor is mentioned, as is David Folkenflik of NPR and Jim Rutenberg of the New York Times; all journalists give nothing more than conjecture and rumor. 

All of this is reminiscent of a dynamic in January of 2021. In the wake of Trump’s 2020 election setback, Fox News dropped to third place in the cable ratings, and pundits and media claimed in frenzied tones that Scott’s career was in danger. 

Two years ago, in response to those rumors, Murdoch extended Scott’s contract and issued a press statement in which Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch was effusive in his praise of Scott. 

Dominion Voting Systems is suing Rupert Murdoch, Scott, and Fox News for defamation in the amount of $1.6 billion. Some shocking revelations about Rupert Murdoch’s admission that certain Fox News presenters endorsed former President Donald Trump’s election denialism surfaced earlier this week. 

The speculation that Scott was in danger was warranted at first glance, but those familiar with Murdoch’s uncompromising autonomy and “go f*ck yourself” attitude toward the establishment media were not surprised to hear that Scott was in a secure position.