Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko Thanks Fox News for ‘Objective Information’

( On day 25 of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the former president of the besieged country, Petro Poroshenko, joined Fox News live on air to discuss his “Five-Step Plan For Peace” with Russia.

Host, Arthel Neville, began the interview by praising Poroshenko (outfitted in body armor) for his heroic display of leadership in joining the fight against Russian forces.

Poroshenko previously invited president Joe Biden to visit Ukraine during his upcoming planned trip to Europe. When asked if he thought it would be safe for Biden to enter an active war zone, the former president digressed and paid tribute to Fox News for their objective coverage of the conflict. He said it was “extremely important.”

Following the commendation, Poroshenko said Biden’s presence would be of “extreme symbolic importance” if world leaders stood with Ukrainians battling against the Russian military. The former president expressed this while surrounded by armed soldiers, standing so close to the fight that he could “hear missiles.”

While making the rounds on other networks, Poroshenko’s message is the same. He stresses the importance of fair coverage. He is acutely aware of the extreme harm that disinformation has on the morale of Ukrainians and the influence it has on world opinion.

Returning to Neville’s original question, Poroshenko admitted that Ukraine is not safe, but three prime ministers recently visited- the leaders of Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovenia. He said Biden’s presence would demonstrate “real global leadership” and aid in dashing Putin’s hopes of capturing Ukraine. The proud former president also declared that ‘Ukrainians never give up.”

Poroshenko had two recommendations. Point one was not to be afraid of Putin. Point two was not to trust Putin.

“Putin, many times, promised not to attack Ukraine, and he, now, crazy person, mad person, attacks Ukraine and killing Ukrainians,” said with defiance and sadness.

In addition to Poroshenko’s praise of Fox News, Mediaite also notes that Fox News’ coverage has been invaluable and abundant, lauding specifically their recent coverage of the Russian airstrike that destroyed a Ukrainian maternity and children’s hospital. They also reminded readers that their reporters had been injured and killed, emphasizing the dedication and bravery of the news outlet’s journalists.

But not all of their commentary about Fox News has been favorable. They also reported that the Russian State media has been using clips of Tucker Carlson for their propaganda, specifically the “conspiracy theory” that there are U.S.-funded biological weapons laboratories in Ukraine.

Left-leaning media outlets should be careful. As the new meme goes, what’s the difference between “a conspiracy theory” and fact?

About six months.