Former Senator Reignites Biden’s Inappropriate Touching Record

Former Senator Scott Brown’s recent remarks about President Biden’s inappropriate attention towards Brown’s wife have brought new attention to the ongoing debate regarding the president’s questionable conduct towards women and young girls.

Brown recounted a moment where he had to sternly warn Biden to back away from his wife during his swearing-in ceremony some years ago.
“I warned him to stop, telling him I’d kick the [expletive] out of him if needed,” Brown said, laughing at the memory.

Brown, who also served as Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa under the Trump administration, initially hesitated to discuss what he termed “old news.” However, upon being encouraged to expand, he reflected on the moment he confronted Biden face-to-face. “Yes, his behavior wasn’t what I expected, and we called him on it. That’s all there is to it,” he explained.

According to Brown, the incident occurred at the U.S. Capitol in 2010 when Biden, then-Vice President, posed for photos with Gail Huff Brown and Scott Brown. As reported by the New York Post, Biden’s arm is behind Huff Brown’s back in pictures from the event.

The subject arose when Brown was asked about the public’s perception of Biden, especially after recent controversies, including the previously unacknowledged issue involving his granddaughter.

The podcast host, Tom Shattuck, told Brown, “The thing with his granddaughter has left a mark. And the hair sniffing and such have left people uneasy. Women are uncomfortable, and he’s not perceived as a good guy. You know him.”

Brown agreed, noting that while he had spent considerable time with Biden and “enjoyed his company” in the past, he couldn’t reconcile that person with the one he sees on television now.

Biden’s interactions with women and young girls have drawn criticism following accusations of sexual misconduct and inappropriate touching by eight women in 2020.

In other instances, Biden’s conduct had raised eyebrows, such as when he appeared to nibble on a young Finnish girl’s shoulder during a departure from Helsinki or when actress Eva Longoria removed his hands from her waist during an event at the White House.

Moreover, in 2021, Biden’s remark about a young girl looking 19 during a speech in Virginia was termed “creepy” by some, and his odd description of children rubbing his wet leg hair during his lifeguarding days raised concerns.

Other infamous moments include his awkward whispering into Senator Chris Coons’ daughter’s ear in 2015 and a video released by GOP presidential candidate Gov. Ron DeSantis in June, urging Biden to “Keep your hands off our kids.”