Former DHS Official Comes Out Against Trump

( On ABC’s This Week last Sunday, George Stephanopoulos interviewed Brian Murphy, the former DHS acting undersecretary for intelligence who claimed that a potential Trump 2024 run would be a “disaster” because Donald Trump is a dangerous purveyor of disinformation.

Murphy was made acting undersecretary in March 2018 and held the post until the end of July 2021. Shortly before the 2020 election, Murphy became a “whistleblower” and testified to Adam Schiff’s Intelligence Committee claiming that officials in the DHS tried to hide intel reports on Russian interference into the upcoming 2020 election.

Naturally, he became a Fake News media star overnight. So it isn’t at all surprising that George Stephanopoulos would invite him on. Nothing secures you a place on the Sunday shows faster than turning “whistleblower” against Trump.

In his interview with Stephanopoulos, Murphy claimed that when he arrived at DHS in 2018, everything was all about politics. He griped about how the “objective truth” he stood for when he was in the FBI and in the Marines was “no longer acceptable.”

With the set-up pitch perfect, Stephanopoulos tossed him the softball, asking Murphy to weigh in on what another Trump run would mean for the intelligence community.

And Murphy didn’t disappoint. He whined that the former President “denigrated” the intelligence community and put out disinformation. “And that’s an existential threat to democracy,” Murphy breathlessly explained.

He also implied that Trump’s disinformation campaign is done for “nefarious reasons.” Which could also be said of the Intel Community to be honest.

Then Stephanopoulos asked Murphy to explain to the dummies in the audience just how disinformation is spread.

Did Murphy point to “WhipGate” as a perfect example?

Well, he should have, but he didn’t. Because that would have totally destroyed his thesis that Donald Trump is the biggest disinformation spreader around.

Instead, Murphy prattled on about disinformation being a threat and causing polarization. Because that way he could point to Trump and call him a polarizing threat. But not just Trump. Nope. Trump supporters too – those Right wing extremist domestic terrorists the DHS is warning about.

Honestly, why on earth didn’t Donald Trump make better personnel decisions? Murphy wasn’t a holdover. He started at DHS when Trump was President. Sometimes Trump is his own worst enemy.

Watch the interview with Murphy: