Former Democrat Lawmaker Arrested For Sex Trafficking

( While the left-wing press might have smeared Rep. Matt Gaetz over an ongoing investigation into allegations that he traveled over state lines with a 17-year-old girl for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity – a claim that he denies and which is connected to a lawsuit relating to possible blackmail of his family – we’re hearing very little about a former Democratic House Speaker who was just arrested in an undercover sex traffic sting operation.

Dave Hunt, the former Speaker for the Oregon House of Representatives and Clackamas Community College board member, was arrested as part of an undercover operation that resulted in eight arrests by the Human Trafficking Unit of the Portland Police.

Rep. Gaetz hasn’t been arrested, and yet we hear more about his case – despite ongoing investigations and a lawsuit – than this one.

The Democrat was arrested in April after online decors on human trafficking websites were used, leading to Hunt contacting them for the purpose of arranging payments for sexual acts. The Portland Tribune laid out the details of the case in shocking detail, describing how he and others were (allegedly) selling sexual services from women.

The Portland Police issued a statement slamming Hunt for his crimes, adding that “human trafficking is not a victimless crime.”

“Survivors of human trafficking may be hesitant to seek out help from law enforcement due to the fact they may have been forced, coerced, or manipulated to commit crimes and fear arrest. Cases of human trafficking often include physical, sexual, and mental abuse,” the statement said.

53-year-old Hunt denies the allegations, according to his attorney Michael de Muniz, and will refrain from making any comments on the case until he speaks in court.

Clackamas College announced on Monday that he would be “taking a leave” and that they would “take appropriate actions that serve the interests of our students and our community.”