Forensic Psychiatrist sees “Red Flag” in Gabby Petito Body Cam Footage

( This week, Fox News interviewed a forensic psychiatrist on the widely-reported murder of Gabby Petito. And during the interview, he said that the August 12 body cam footage from the Moab Police Department raises a red flag.

Dr. Ziv Ezra Cohen discussed what he saw in the interactions both Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie had with Moab police during the exchange that occurred after a witness called 911 to report a that a man was slapping and hitting a girl.

Cohen conceded that it is impossible to know how extensive the fight between Laundrie and Petito was, but from the body cam footage it was clear that when police pulled them over, Petito was very upset, despite the fact both she and Laundrie were downplaying their argument.

Cohen said that “such an imbalance of the emotional state” between the two “does raise a red flag.” To Cohen, while Petito blamed the fight on her OCD, she didn’t look anxious or like someone having a panic attack. Instead, Cohen explained, Petito looks scared, overwhelmed and overly emotional.

Cohen pointed out that people with OCD aren’t violent, nor is OCD a risk factor for violence. So if there was a fight between them, OCD would not have been involved in prompting the fight. While her OCD might prompt an argument, Cohen explained, OCD would not be what turned the argument violent.

Though it might be possible that the couple was just having a stressful morning as they said in the body cam footage, Cohen believes this claim is contradicted by the 911 caller who specifically described a violent physical altercation.

He also mused that alcohol may have had a part in the incident, pointing out that young people tend to use substances when they feel overwhelmed, leading them to act irrationally.

Petito was reported missing on September 11. Her body was found a week later at a campsite in Teton-Bridger National Forest in Moose, Wyoming.

A nationwide manhunt is now underway for Brian Laundrie who is considered a suspect in her murder.