Forced Vaccination Policy in Austria Has No Impact on Jab Uptake

( According to reports coming from Austria, the introduction of the mandatory vaccination policy in the country had no major impact on the number of people who came forward to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Reports even suggest that the introduction of the policy may have caused a drop-off in the number of people taking the shot.

On February 5, the Austrian government implemented a law that required Austrian citizens to take the vaccine in order to go about their daily lives. Citizens were required to take the shot to do anything from shopping in grocery stores or simply going to work.

Kronen Zeitung, one of the top-selling newspapers in Austria, said that there was a significant reduction in the number of people taking the shot on February 6, which was the first day after the mandatory vaccination policy was implemented. By February 12, the decline in the number of people taking the shot became clearly observable.

Speaking to Kronen Zeitung, City Councillor Peter Hacker said that “Austrian instruments relating to measures and vaccination do not result in a well-rounded strategy and have no recognizable goal.”

He added that the government’s policy is the reason why they don’t expect a run on vaccinations in the coming days and weeks.

The policy was condemned by people all over the world and was one of the strictest and most authoritarian in the world – rivaled perhaps only by Australia. It prompted widespread protests across the country.

In Austria, citizens are even being stopped by police at random to check whether they have complied with the vaccine mandate law – and if they haven’t, they face fines of up to €7,200 and 12 months in prison.