Florida Man Files Lawsuit Against CDC In Supreme Court

(JustPatriots.com)- One man is about to go up against the Centers for Disease Control, challenging the extreme measures taken by the federal government during the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, Lucas Wall has asked the United States Supreme Court to halt the mask requirements from the CDC relating to public transport, slamming the mandate as unconstitutional.

On Tuesday, Wall appealed to the Supreme Court and named President Joe Biden, the CDC, and a number of other federal agencies as defendants in his case to stop Americans from being forced to wear masks on public transport.

You may remember when President Joe Biden first took office he immediately signed an executive order requiring all Americans to wear masks at all times while on federal property and public transport. He quickly broke his own rules, of course, when he and his family appeared in front of the Lincoln Memorial…without masks.

The lawsuit from Wall isn’t the first one he’s filed over this. In previous suits, Wall argued that seven airlines engaged in discrimination against passengers who were unable to wear masks for medical reasons.

Wall noted in his petition on Tuesday that the Supreme Court has issued five emergency injunctive orders over the last seven months holding that the government cannot restrict First Amendment rights even if it is in the name of fighting a pandemic. He asked the court to rule whether other constitutional rights cannot be suspended over the government’s response to COVID-19.

Wall lives in Washington, D.C., but currently lives in Florida temporarily.

You can probably guess why.

He was forced to leave Orland International Airport last month after refusing to wear a mask, despite his generalized anxiety disorder making it difficult for him to do so.

After a Florida district court refused to grant an injunction over the CDC’s mask requirement, and the 11th United States Circuit Court of Appeals refused to hear his case, Wall has gone right up to the Supreme Court.

We’ll report back when there’s any news on the cases’ progress.