Fire Rescue Chopper Crashes, Leaving Multiple Hospitalized

On Monday, a fire rescue helicopter from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office crashed on an apartment complex in Pompano Beach, Florida, killing two and injuring four.

According to two law enforcement authorities who requested anonymity, two persons perished in the collision. Captain Terryson Jackson, a paramedic, was one of the dead, and a woman was killed in her apartment.

The death of Captain Jackson was announced on Facebook by Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony, who praised Jackson for always delivering compassion, skilled care, and comfort to individuals at their most crucial time of need.

Two locals who tried to rescue the helicopter’s crew were among the four people hurt.

Local news footage showed many fire vehicles responding to the scene following the collision and attempting to extinguish flames.

The police blocked the roads in the vicinity of the collision, and locals were asked to avoid the area. As seen in the video, the helicopter goes over rooftops before spinning wildly out of control.

The manifest submitted to the FAA indicates three unnamed passengers were on board the aircraft.

The following morning, the Sky 10 news chopper hovered above the area as workers appeared to utilize a big crane to remove the damaged debris.
The helicopter was unrecognizable save for its rotors.

Leaving the Pompano Beach Air Park, the 24-year-old duel-engine Eurocopter, utilized by Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue for medical transports, was en route to North Lauderdale, where surveillance footage revealed a car had struck a young boy and his mother while they waited at a bus stop, but the crew had to abort their mission.

Less than three minutes after takeoff and just a few streets from the airport, Flight Radar 24 shows the helicopter turning around and crashing near Dixie Highway.

While in flight, the medics can be heard telling dispatch that they had been experiencing technical difficulties and were heading back to base.

The investigation team is now trying to determine what went wrong.