Federal Workers To Now Get $15 An Hour

(JustPatriots.com)- New guidance from the Office of Personnel Management says that all U.S. federal agency workers must be paid at least $15.

Under the new directive, some 70,000 federal employees – most of whom work at the Department of Agriculture and Veteran Affairs and the Department of Defense – will see a slight pay rise.

Under normal circumstances, the idea of raising the minimum wage to Republicans would be widely criticized – but with rampant inflation caused by the Biden administration, how can people earning less than this be reasonably expected to buy food and pay the rent? The Biden administration has imposed the biggest taxes – in the form of price hikes – on the American working class in decades.

President Joe Biden issued an executive order last year that required federal contract workers to be paid at least $15 per hour.

Director of the Office of Personnel Management Kiran Ahuja issued a statement on the implementation of the new rule, insisting that it reflects their “appreciation for the federal workforce” and American values overall.

All government agencies have been asked by the agency to implement the new rule by January 30, with one exception…the workers at the United States Postal Service And the Postal Regulatory Commission.

Remember when Democrats said that Republicans weren’t funding the USPS sufficiently? Well, neither are they.

Presumably, President Joe Biden is fully aware that the USPS is not profitable and its time is short…