Federal Agents Punished For Involvement In Facebook Group

(JustPatriots.com)- Two United States Border Patrol agents have reportedly been fired in connection with an investigation that discovered around 60 members of the agency were guilty of misconduct…by being members of a politically incorrect Facebook group.

A House Oversight and Reform committee staff report revealed on Monday that the agents were members of a Facebook group that mocked legislators and migrants – though it doesn’t appear so far that the agents were mocking with malicious intent, but just posting innocent memes.

On top of the two firings, some 43 agents were suspended without pay, and 12 received written reprimands. A further three faced alternative disciplining, according to the Association Press.

The Customs and Border Protection’s Discipline Review Board suggested that a total of 24 agents be fired after the story about the Facebook group was reported in 2019.

One of the fired agents was from Texas, and has 10 years of experience in the Border Patrol agency. His crime? Posting an image of Pepe the Frog, a meme that is wrongly described as an “Alt Right” meme and should more accurately be described as a conservative, nationalist, or populist meme.

To be clear, an agent was fired for posting a picture of a frog.

Doctored images of President Joe Biden inappropriately touching a member of Congress were also featured in the group, which again, seems to suggest that this was just a bunch of agents having fun.

Criticize the regime, and the regime will fire you!

Of all times to fire border agents, the Biden administration chooses a time when the biggest number of illegal aliens are pouring over the border. Official figures show we are on track to hit 2 million apprehended illegal aliens since Biden took office.