FBI Is Searching For This Missing Person

(JustPatriots.com)- The FBI is searching for a young man from Laredo, Texas. The federal agency is asking the public for its help in finding the man who they believe is the victim of a kidnapping, according to KSAT.

Edgar Martinez Jr., 19, has been missing since December 21, 2022. He was last seen at 7 p.m. as he got into the passenger side of a red single-cab Chevrolet pickup truck. Martinez stands at 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 160 pounds.

At the time of his disappearance, he was wearing an orange sweater, blue and white basketball shorts, and white sandals. He has brown eyes, black hair, and a short beard and mustache. He has no identifiable tattoos or scars, according to WOAI San Antonio.

Martinez was a security guard working near Laredo for the oil fields. Investigators believe he may be found in Texas or Mexico.

Edgar’s mom, Thelma Garza, suggested that the disappearance is strange because her son would always communicate where he was.

“He was supposed to be here at home. He doesn’t go out without saying, he always lets us know where he’s going. Actually, he rarely goes out, but he always kisses us goodbye before leaving. He doesn’t just leave like he left that day. I don’t know what happened,” said Garza, adding that she was left with unanswered questions since he has been missing.

Martinez’s family reportedly started an investigation of their own when they received no update from the police. The family has a last pinged location from Martinez’s phone. The family says that they do not want to press charges, asking whoever took Martinez to let him go.

Those with information on his whereabouts are asked to call the FBI San Antonio Division at 210-225-6741 or leave tips on the FBI website.