FBI Cancels $100 Million CCP Contract After Potential For Spying Uncovered

(JustPatriots.com)- The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reportedly cancelled a contract for a “National China Garden” that would have sat on one of the highest points in Washington, D.C. The $100 million contract was quietly killed after the FBI has become suspicious of Chinese espionage operations.

The intelligence community has grown concern over increased Chinese investment in United States land, a concern for national security as they fear that China is using these projects as a way to spy on us.

The pagoda that the Chinese wanted to build on one of the highest points in the nation’s capital, would have been a prime position for these spying activities. China also wanted to go around customs through diplomacy, as a way for U.S. officials not to inspect what materials they were sending over to build the pagoda, according to a CNN report.

This is not the first time officials have become concerned over Chinese operations. The Chinese have begun to invest in American land, especially near critical infrastructure points including military bases. An investigation reportedly showed that the company Huawei, linked to the Chinese Communist Party, planned to set up their equipment on a cell tower near a military installation in the Midwest before the project was shut down.

The project dates back to the Obama administration.

The FBI claims that the CCP is capable of intercepting secret information from the Department of Defense and U.S. Strategic Command which includes overseeing our nuclear weapons.

“This gets into some of the most sensitive things we do,” a former FBI official told CNN. “It would impact our ability for essentially command and control with the nuclear triad. That goes into the ‘BFD’ category.”

The CCP reportedly also owns 192,000 acres of US farmland worth $1.9 billion. FBI Director Christopher Wray said that they open about 2,000 investigations into the CCP daily.

“And that’s not even talking about their cyber theft, where they have a bigger hacking program than that of every other major nation combined, and have stolen more of Americans’ personal and corporate data than every nation combined,” he said.