Fauci wants new term for ‘mandates’ and change to definition of ‘fully vaccinated’

(JustPatriots.com)- As new cases of COVID-19 as well as hospitalizations as a result of the virus are spiking across the country, Dr. Anthony Fauci said he’d like to change what defines a fully vaccinated person.

On Friday, President Joe Biden’s leading infectious disease expert said it’s “certainly on the table” to re-define what constitutes a person being fully vaccinated.

Before, the term used to refer to anyone who was at least two weeks removed from the second dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna vaccines, or two weeks removed from the single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. But, as cases are spiking due to the continuing spread of the Delta variant and the arrival of the Omicron variant, Fauci now believes that definition needs to change.

Some people have suggested that the new definition of fully vaccinated should be changed to refer to people who have received the above shots plus a vaccine booster shot.

Before recently, Fauci had said publicly that the definition of who is and who isn’t considered fully vaccinated wouldn’t change unless new data said that it should be changed. Last Friday, he revealed that the time has apparently just about come.

Speaking with CNBC late last week, Fauci said:

“It is a bit of semantics in that fully vaccinated for the purpose of the regulations and requirements that people have is to be what are you considered as being fully vaccinated. But, there’s no doubt that optimum vaccination is with a booster. I mean, there is no doubt about that.”

Semantics are obviously pretty important to Fauci, though, as he also suggested changing the word “mandates” to “requirements” when dealing with vaccines and what people need to do in certain situations for work or to attend particular events.

As Fauci explained:

“Mandates — that’s a radioactive word. Requirements people seem to respond better to that. They work. We are never going to get out of this outbreak if we still have 50 million people who for reasons that are very difficult to understand refuse to get vaccinated.”

It appears as though Fauci has been prepping the American public for his change in definition over the last few weeks. He’s been making a point that there’s a clear distinction between fully vaccinated (the “old definition”) and optimum vaccination (which includes a booster).

Late last month, he even suggested that the White House and federal health authorities would “take a look right now at what the durability is of the booster.” At that time, though, he claimed that the definition of fully vaccinated wouldn’t change at all.

Since then, he has seemed to change his tone a bit, pushing the “optimum vaccination” phrase as a way to emphasize what he feels is the importance of getting a booster shot.

Many health officials are worried about the Omicron variant, as Delta is still ravaging much of the country. With case counts spiking ever since Thanksgiving, officials are worried that it could get even worse following Christmas and New Year’s gatherings.