Fatal Arkansas Grocery Store Shooting Kills Four

Four people were killed and another 10 were injured after a man armed with a handgun and shotgun opened fire in an Arkansas grocery store on June 21.

According to a news release from the Arkansas State Police, officers from the Fordyce Police Department and Dallas County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the Mad Butcher at 11:38 a.m. on June 21 after multiple 911 calls reported shots fired.

In a press conference following the shooting, Arkansas State Police Director Mike Hagar said the suspect, 44-year-old Travis Posey of New Edinburg, exchanged gunfire with law enforcement when he left the store and suffered “non-threatening injuries.” Two officers were also wounded in the subsequent shoot-out.

Three of the victims were pronounced dead at the scene while the fourth later died at the hospital, officials said.

Posey was treated at a nearby hospital and released into police custody. He was transported to Ouachita County Detention Center to await charges, including capital murder.

In a press conference the following Sunday, officials identified the four victims as Roy Sturgis, 50, Shirley Taylor, 61, Ellen Shrum, 81, and Callie Weems, 23.

According to Director Hagar, Weems, a nurse, remained inside the store to offer assistance to the injured before she too was fatally shot. 

Hagar told reporters that in addition to the handgun and 12-gauge shotgun, the suspect also wore a bandolier that held dozens of additional 12-gauge rounds.

Posey began his shooting spree in the parking lot of the Mad Butcher, Hagar said. He then entered the store and began shooting “indiscriminately” at customers and store employees.

Hagar said that when Posey emerged from the store, he was confronted by officers from the Fordyce Police Department and deputies from the Dallas County Sheriff’s who had arrived within minutes of the 911 calls. Posey then opened fire and was wounded in the exchange of gunfire.

Posey faces multiple charges, including four counts of capital murder.