Far-Left Rioters Throw Paint Over Elderly Woman, Abuse Another Woman With a Walker

(JustPatriots.com)- Far-left extremists who continue to riot and attempt to burn down buildings in Portland, Oregon, have turned their attention to elderly people. The rioters, who overwhelmingly support the Democratic Party, threw paint over an elderly woman who was standing near the Portland Police Department’s East Precinct building. Rioters could also be seen harassing and intimidating another elderly woman using a walker.

These are the people that Ted Cruz recently proved Congressional Democrats would not condemn.

Images released by Portland Police show an “unknown woman using a walker” who was confronted by a gang of extreme left-wing protestors.

In a follow-up tweet, Portland Police said that a “separate woman using a walker” who was also outside the East Precinct tried to put out a fire that was set by the protesters. They responded by harassing her.

Footage shows the incident in which the woman covered in paint was harassed. The footage was taken by Zane Sparling, a local reporter from the Portland Tribune.

Can you imagine if this was your grandma?

One of the women who was attacked told the rioters that she marched with the original civil rights movement, but that what they are doing is wrong. The rioters seemed to think that setting fire to buildings and violently attacking people in the street is completely justified.

It was yet another night in which the Portland Police had to declare an “unlawful assembly” and move officers in to clear the extremists away. Just days prior, the violence got so bad that Portland Police had to declare a riot. Protesters had tried to set a building on fire before getting into a truck and attempting to run over several police officers with their vehicle.