Far-Left Host Arrested After Abusing A 13-Year-Old Girl

(JustPatriots.com)- The host of a left-wing radio talk show is accused of kidnapping and raping a 13-year-old girl.
Noah Madrano, a host of “Sub-Human Intellect Theater” (S.H.I.T.) on Portland’s KBOO radio, presented a filthy “skit” of a toddler having phone sex on June 13.

Madrano identifies himself as GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz while using obscene language with a “baby girl.”

Madrano, a self-identified BLM member, was arrested for child trafficking and rape days after the KBOO show aired.

When a 13-year-old girl from Alberta, Canada, didn’t attend school on June 24, her family reported her missing. More than a week later, police and FBI investigators found her in an Oregon City hotel room. She was subsequently evaluated at a nearby children’s hospital and returned to Canada.

Prosecutors say Madrano groomed the youngster for a year before kidnapping her. Madranao threatened to kill the girl and “have sex with her body.” He’s charged with first-degree sexual abuse, second-degree rape, and second-degree kidnapping.

On July 5, he pleaded not guilty; bail was $500,000.

Neither the Oregon City Sheriff’s Office nor KBOO reacted to questions about the identity of the girl used in the radio skit.

Madrano utilized male, female, and nonbinary pronouns, and his YouTube and Twitter accounts included pedophilic content,

One of the last tweets Madrano published was -“I placed my small c*** in little kids’ hands & mouths to make it feel bigger,” Madrano tweeted.

The lone tweet he liked on Twitter stated, “Just confess you believe raping kids is cool.”

His account’s banner shows a naked child.

KBOO is one of Madrano’s three Twitter followers.

Madrano’s YouTube channel “Madnana42” features sexual abuse of minors-related videos. “Videos of teens getting raped” is a playlist on the account. Marilyn Manson’s “Heart-Shaped Glasses” is the sole video. Rachel Evan Wood, 19, in the video, said the sex in the clip was non-consensual.

Madrano’s YouTube account characterized the playlist as “Evan Rachel Wood (13) getting raped on video by a guy twice her age.”

Karen Green, Madrano’s S.H.I.T. co-host, erased her social media after his incarceration.
Madrano’s show debuted in 2012 on KBOO, whose tagline is “Making radio sound like child’s play.”

KBOO announced Madrano’s arrest.

Madrano was arraigned on five felony counts Tuesday, including sodomy and illegal sexual penetration.