Famous Fashion Mogul Arrested On Sexual Assault Charges

(JustPatriots.com)- Well-known fashion mogul Peter Nygard was arrested this week on dozens of charges of sexual assault. Manhattan federal prosecutors announced on Tuesday that Nygard is alleged to have assaulted teenage girls and young women for several decades, and might only now be facing justice.

Nygard, who is originally from Finland, is a 79-year-old fashion designer and businessman. His famous fashion brand is headquarters in Times Square, New York City. With such a huge profile and global recognition, Nygard’s arrest is particularly shocking…especially when you consider accusations that he had a “near-daily” need to sexually abuse victims as young as 14.

That’s worth repeating: Peter Nygard, a globally renowned fashion designer, is accused of sexually abusing underage girls and young women on an almost daily basis for years.

Nygard was arrested in Winnipeg, Canada, where he lives. Prosecutors in Manhattan said that they had been investigating him since February this year after they raided his headquarters in New York City following a series of lawsuits from women who alleged he sexually abused them.

Global Winnipeg covered the story extensively, revealing how an affidavit from a Manitoba police officer said that there were “hundreds” of victims.

Nygard’s eldest son also seemed to back up the claims of abuse, saying he was “relieved” that his father was now in custody.

How did nobody catch this sooner?

Reports suggest that incidents of sexual abuse go back as far as 1995, and court papers suggest that he inflicted all sorts of harm on his victims.

“Harm to his victims has included not only economic and psychological harm but also numerous instances of nonconsensual sex, including nonconsensual group sex, attempted forcible rapes and drugging of victims,” the papers explain.

Nygard even reportedly called some of the women he abused his “girlfriends,” making them travel to his huge properties in Canada, California, and the Bahamas. He also reportedly recruited victims by hosting “Pamper Parties” where girls and women would be given free food, drinks, and spa treatments.

In otherwise…grooming.

Nygard even built a Mayan-style temple, according to a New York Times report, which sounds eerily similar to the buildings erected by dead billionaire Jeffrey Epstein on his private island.

Minors were reportedly drugged at his huge palatial properties and then forced to perform sexual acts on him.

“’Girlfriends’ were not consulted in advance that they would be traded for sex, and Nygard often pressured them to comply with swaps at his direction through manipulation, intimidation, degradation, and threats,” the court documents explain. The “girlfriends” were then kept under constant surveillance, and even required permission to leave his properties. Prosecutors say that Nygard made his company employees keep the girls locked up in his properties.

Nygard’s lawyers said that he will seek bail, but somehow, that seems…unlikely. We will see him in court on January 13.