Facebook To Now Start Targeting Real Accounts For Coordinating Together

(JustPatriots.com)- A Facebook spokesperson just revealed to Reuters how the platform is taking an increasingly aggressive approach to shut down accounts working in a coordinated way to publish content that they consider “harmful.”

According to the Facebook representative, they will use the same strategy the “security” team currently uses against people creating fake accounts.

It means that the methods used by Facebook to shut down armies of Russian troll accounts will be used by Facebook’s security team to potentially prevent conservatives or non-woke users from spreading information that they consider to be potentially harmful. It could also mean that Facebook does achieve some positive things, shutting down violent or illegal content – but we all know how Facebook lumps conservative posts into the “harmful” category…as if conservatives are as bad as pedophiles.

The expansion of current security measures, which will also target people who engage in “online harassment” campaigns, was described by One America News as a method of identifying the “core movements” that drive this kind of behavior, allowing them to take more “sweeping actions’ against users. It means that more accounts are likely to be removed.

Back in April, a leaked internal report from Facebook revealed how people pushed the “Stop the Steal” protests that the Democrats claim were the reason why protesters broke into the Capitol Building. Facebook used examples of people sharing legitimate information about possible election fraud in the last election as an example of how they played a “role” in the January 6 riot, which Democrats have shamefully compared to 9/11.

Following that report, Facebook “security’ workers quickly started cracking down on users who posted information about election fraud.

Facebook may claim that they are only cracking down on harmful and fake accounts, but just consider for a moment what this could potentially mean for conservatives…