Expert Reports That Supreme Court Likely To Decide Against Biden

( As the country waits for the Supreme Court to release its decision on President Biden’s vaccine mandates, some are speculating on how the Court may rule.

The Court will release its decision on both OSHA’s emergency rule that companies with over 100 employees require workers to be vaccinated and the regulation from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requiring vaccinations for all health care workers.

And according to attorney Harmeet Dhillon, who represented conservative news outlet the Daily Wire at last week’s Supreme Court hearing, it is likely the Court will offer a split decision – upholding the CMS mandate for healthcare workers while overturning the OSHA rule.

Appearing with Fox News host Tucker Carlson Monday night, Dhillon said it looked likely that five or six Justices will vote to enjoin the OSHA order. However, because the CMS order is tied to federal funding, the justices seemed more likely to uphold that mandate.

The OSHA mandate went into effect on Monday, and according to Dhillon, the lack of a decision from the court is bound to produce not only tremendous expense, but also “uncertainty, stress, and disruption” to the economy.

Dhillon posited that if the Supreme Court strikes down both mandates, it is likely that some states, most notably New York and California, will impose a vaccine mandate themselves. If that happens, Dhillon added, it will start a new round of litigation.

Watch Harmeet Dhillon on Tucker’s show HERE.

Meanwhile, Brian Dean Abramson, an adjunct professor of vaccine law at Florida International University’s College of Law echoed Dhillon’s remarks. He told “NewsNation Prime” over the weekend that the OSHA mandate will likely be struck down.

Abramson said he thinks the court will either stay the order or, at the very least, add conditions to the mandate that would make it difficult for OSHA to take punitive measures against a company that does not comply.

Like Dhillon, Abramson believes the Court will uphold the CMS mandate for healthcare workers.

Watch his interview HERE.