EXPERT: China Will Be Able To Threaten Any Country In 15 Years

( According to experts, the Chinese Communist Party will have the capabilities to send military forces to any country in the world within a matter of days in just 15 years. Rick Fisher, an expert on the Chinese Communist Party and political warfare, made the shocking claim during an interview with the Epoch Times recently.

Fisher, who is also a senior fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center, told “Crossroads” that the CCP’s aim is to become a global power, and that after watching them for 20 years, he believes they are “making steady progress.”

Fisher explained how the CCP has established a “phalanx of allies” within the American business sector, ever since the normalization of relations between China and the United States in the 1970s.

It comes as a stark warning to the Democrats, who may very well take control of the White House in January. Their candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, is notoriously weak on China.

Some say he might even be compromised…but that’s another story.

In the interview, which you can catch in the clip below, Fisher described how American policy towards Communist China changed recently – under the Trump administration – because of overreach from the CCP. The country’s willingness to steal technology and intellectual property has already put some American companies out of business, proving that China doesn’t care about respecting international law or rules that facilitate normal diplomatic and trade relations.

Fisher also described the “pervasive propaganda” used by the Chinese, which takes the form of print media, television shows, computer networks, and even mobile apps. It allows the Chinese Communist Party to push propaganda 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

And, he expanded on the issue of Cyberwarfare, touching on the issue of Huawei – the state-owned tech company that builds smartphones and telecommunications equipment that have been used in the West for years. President Donald Trump cracked down on Huawei, with restrictions that ultimately resulted in the Chinese-made devices being unable to ship with access to the Google App Store.

Fisher said that companies like Huawei are positioning themselves as experts in the field to ensure that they can control the 5G networks of foreign countries – and ultimately, to control future 6G networks.

On the issue of military power, he said he expects the Chinese to pose a real threat by the mid-2030s.

“Within 15 years, China will have the ability to send marines or air-mobile army forces to any country on earth within a day or two,” Fisher said.

Here’s to hoping that if Joe Biden does become the next president, he doesn’t do what he and President Obama did during their eight years in the White House…and capitulate to China some more.