Ex-CIA Agent Democrat Wins Seat Against GOP

(JustPatriots.com)-  In the seventh Congressional District of Virginia, Spanberger, a former CIA agent with experience in law enforcement and a purported track record of bipartisanship, prevailed in a closely watched contest.

Reports show that the Washington, D.C. exurbs, which have gradually tended to turn bluer over recent election cycles, were redesigned to incorporate larger areas.

As a CIA agent working for presidents Bush and Obama, Spanberger’s responsibility was to persuade foreigners to provide her with intelligence.

Four years after receiving a job offer in 2002, she was admitted to the CIA. She worked as a waitress in an Arlington County restaurant during that time, filled in as a teacher at a private school, and was a federal postal inspector for two and a half years in Washington.

According to a report, as part of a broader wave of Democratic Party representatives with experiences in intelligence, Spanberger was first elected to Congress in 2018. Almost 30 of these candidates prevailed in their primaries to become the Democratic candidates in 2018. Eleven of them won the general election.

Several former intelligence and military operatives from the CIA, Pentagon, National Security Council, and State Department ran for nomination as Democrats for Congress in the 2018 midterm elections, according to a pamphlet published at the time by Patrick Martin of the World Socialist Website. There is no precedence in political history for the prospective inflow of military-intelligence officers into the legislature.

Media reports show Abigail Spanberger blasted then-President Trump for meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

However, when President Biden met with Saudi Prince Bin Salman and numerous other dictatorial foreign leaders who were allies of the United States, Spanberger was silent.

Spanberger, a House Foreign Affairs Committee member, voted to send billions of dollars in military aid to Ukraine, whose government had outlawed eleven opposition parties and authorized terrorist attacks on political rivals and journalists.

Once an agent. Always an agent.