Establishment GOP Member Secretly Worked With Democrat Swamp

( Pete Snyder, an establishment “Republican” running for the Republican nomination in the Virginia gubernatorial race, is facing intense pressure after it was revealed that he worked with and for Democrats on several occasions.

The New York Post revealed how Snyder, who is a digital marketing professional, earned $7,200 working for the Democratic National Committee in 200 for “media consulting” work. His company New Media Strategies also reportedly took $140,000 from the Democrat’s 2005 and 2006 Senatorial Campaign.

Some reports also revealed how Snyder “teamed up” with Sean Perryman, a far-left Black Lives Matter-supporting Marxist who advocates the teaching of Critical Race Theory in classrooms, making Virginia a sanctuary state, and banning guns.

Speaking to the Post, former Rep. Tom Davis, a Republican from Virginia who also ran the National Republican Congressional Committee between 1999 and 2003, said that Snyder had been “working for the opposition” and that it was concerning because he did it on a number of occasions.

“The company was Pete,” he said. “I mean, Pete was the owner of the company. This wasn’t like a publicly held company or something like that. This was a closely held company.”

“I’m surprised and disappointed that while I was working to deliver the Republicans a majority in 2000, he’s out there working, it looks like, for Al Gore and the Democrats.”

He continued that if you “don’t have a high tolerance for hypocrisy, you probably don’t belong in politics,” adding that the hypocrisy of this Republican candidate is “kind of the height of it.”

No kidding.

While defenders of Snyder say that his company worked for both Republican and Democrat campaigns, many have asked what kind of governor he would be. Even the Democrats are calling him into question, setting up a new website –