English Children Suddenly Identify As Holograms

Britain’s most conservative principal has called for transferring students from the school if they identify with non-human identities like animal, moon, or hologram. 

A group of pupils at one school identified as cats, while the founder of the Michaela School in west London, Katharine Birbalsingh, claimed she knew of a youngster at another school who identified as a homosexual male hologram. 

She said many individuals have the problem but don’t know about it since professors are “not allowed to tell you.” 

The principal, who claims that no students at her school connect with animals, characterized the phenomenon as a “societal problem” in which teachers and parents have enabled children to set the agenda. 

Her remarks follow the release of a tape in which a teacher calls out a student as “despicable” for disagreeing with a classmate’s assertion that she sees herself as a cat.

The instructor can be heard on the audio describing the 13-year-old’s belief that gender is binary despicable, and sad. The incident allegedly occurred during a “life education” lesson at Rye College in East Sussex.

The irate educator can be heard on the audio for three and a half minutes telling two girls that they would report the students to a higher-ranking colleague and that the adults needed to have a “proper educational conversation about diversity, equality, and inclusion.”

Ms. Birbalsingh advises parents to take swift action if their children are being accepted as animals at school. 

“As a society, we have lost our way,” she said.  The adult authority has collapsed because teachers and parents let youngsters take the reins.

She said that schools would have varying degrees of tolerance, and she doesn’t want to criticize the school because she thinks it’s society’s problem.

After the footage of the anonymous instructor and two students went public, Rye College received thousands of furious responses on social media.

A representative promised to prevent “future occurrences” of the same kind.

He said they would make sure this sort of thing never happens again and examine their procedures and communicate with the appropriate parties.

The school has decided not to discipline the girls and considers the situation closed.