Elon Musk’s Unnamed Replacement Is Already Taking The Heat

After Musk announced he had “hired a new CEO” and that his replacement was a woman, multiple news outlets on Thursday reported that Yaccarino, the chairman of global advertising at NBCUniversal and the chairman of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Task Force on Future of Work, was in talks with Musk to become the new CEO of Twitter.

People from people of all political persuasions slammed Yaccarino.

Liberals, led by SPLC’s senior investigative reporter Michael Edison Hayden, were outraged to discover that Yaccarino was following conservatives, including Fox News anchor Jesse Watters, satirical news outlet ‘Libs of TikTok,’ and the Babylon Bee.

A political consultant and former member of the Justice Democrats staff, Max Berger, wrote that Yaccarino seems like a supporter of MAGA.

Journalist Matt Binder pointed out that Yaccarino had been appointed by President Trump to his Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition in 2018.

Several conservatives have cited Yaccarino’s ties to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and media clips in which she is seen supporting diversity and inclusion as beneficial to businesses as reasons why she should not become Twitter’s next CEO.

Others, however, on the left and right, defended Yaccarino and suggested she would be an excellent choice to succeed Musk.

Liberal commentator Ed Krassenstein complained about her being attacked unfairly because of her ties to organizations and by whose Twitter accounts she follows.

Meanwhile, conservative American Moment president Saurabh Sharma praised Yaccarino as a “good choice” for Twitter’s top job.

Yaccarino is a centrist who opposes the woke movement and has strong ties to the advertising sector.

Yaccarino reportedly helped Twitter “rehabilitate its reputation with advertisers” during the previous few months after speaking with Musk at an NBCUniversal keynote last month.

According to Variety, she has long expressed admiration for Musk.