Elon Musk’s Secret Communist History Finally Exposed For All To See

(JustPatriots.com)- According to an extensive report from Breitbart News, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has for the past few years gone out of his way to find favor with the ruling Chinese Communist Party.

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that the CEO of an electric vehicle company has maintained close ties to Beijing since the majority of EV batteries are currently manufactured in China. But given SpaceX is a federal contractor, some lawmakers are concerned that Musk’s close ties with China may pose a national security threat.

According to Breitbart, Musk’s efforts to cozy up to the CCP reached their peak in 2021. In honoring the 100th anniversary of the Communist revolution, Musk described China as “the future” while criticizing the “complacency and entitlement” in the United States.

Despite officials in Beijing helping Tesla secure $1.6 billion to construct its Shanghai facility, Musk said in an interview that China was not as helpful to Tesla as it has been to Chinese companies. Rather than being irritated by this, Musk defended China, arguing that China should be more supportive of its own companies.

In January, Musk told Business Insider that he had a positive experience working with China, and suggested that Beijing is “possibly” “more responsible” for its citizen’s happiness than America is.

Musk has also made use of China’s censorship of social media for Tesla’s benefit.

In July of this year, Tesla asked China’s social media censors to shut down criticism of the company’s electric vehicles.

In April, a woman staged a protest at the Tesla booth at the Shanghai Auto Show. She claimed that her Model 3 Tesla crashed after a brake failure, almost killing four members of her family. The woman, wearing a T-shirt reading “brake lost control” in Chinese, climbed on top of a Tesla vehicle and was quickly removed by guards.

According to Bloomberg News, Tesla complained to the Chinese government and asked Beijing to censor some of the social posts criticizing the company’s response to the incident.

Last year, US lawmakers attempted to block NASA from awarding a contract to Musk’s SpaceX, citing national security concerns over Tesla’s close relationship with China.

Read Breitbart News’ full report HERE.