Elizabeth Warren Says Biden Isn’t Radical Enough

(JustPatriots.com)- Far-left Senator for Massachusetts and failed Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren revealed this week that she believes President Joe Biden’s unprecedented $2 trillion “infrastructure” plan doesn’t “go far enough.”

Going on the record with CNN’s “The Lead,” Senator Warren criticized the president and said that $2.2 trillion isn’t enough, and described how she thinks they “need to add more.”

CNN anchor Jake Tapper described how West Virginia Republican Senator Shelley Moore introduced a bill worth between $500-600 billion dollars, and asked whether she would be opposed to a compromise in between that number and President Biden’s massive plan.

“I’m not going to start by negotiating against myself, but understand this, what’s it going to take to repair the roads and bridges in America, what’s it going to take to make sure not just part of America has access to broadband, but all of America has access to broadband, and what is it going to take to make sure we have universal child care?” she asked.

Well, first of all, universal childcare isn’t infrastructure…

But then again, that probably explains why Senator Warren thinks $2.2 trillion isn’t enough to fix the roads and bridges, given that President Biden’s plan includes provisions for the “Green New Deal.”

“Child care that is affordable and high quality all across this nation. That is a big ticket item and we’ve got to make sure we put enough resources to make that happen. I think that the president’s budget, quite frankly, doesn’t go quite far enough. I think we need to add more,” Warren said.

She would say that, of course. Not only did Senator Warren fail to win the Democratic nomination in the last election, but she also wasn’t picked for the Treasury Secretary role that she was reportedly pushing for behind the scenes soon after she reluctantly endorsed Joe Biden’s candidacy.

That’s gotta hurt.