Election Audit Finds Illegal Ballots

(JustPatriots.com)- A shocking audit report of the ballots cast in Wisconsin in last year’s presidential election revealed so many illegal ballots in the state that they have established seven different categories. The news comes as the state prepares for a full forensic audit of the ballots, with the illegal ballots already found setting the standard for what auditors should be looking for.

Information from the report was presented by The National File, and reveals the extent to which the Democrats have lied about the presence and prevalence of fraud in last year’s elections.

The report was compiled by Look Ahead America, a voting rights organization that works to ensure that only legitimate votes are counted in American elections. Headed by Matt Braynard, the organization uses publicly available data to determine whether votes cast were legal.

It says that seven tranches of illegal ballots have already been discovered, starting with early and absentee ballots that were cast in the names of voters who were registered illegally. The second tranche refers to voters who illegally claimed that they are classified as being in “Indefinite Confinement.” This second tranche is important as, under Wisconsin law, COVID-19 quarantine was not a legal reason to claim indefinite confinement.

The third tranche refers to early and absentee ballots cast in the names of voters registered illegally who matched with names in the National Change of Address Database. It means that people have cast votes in Wisconsin despite registering with a database that indicates they have moved out of the state.

Tranche four refers to people who made subsequent registrations out of state, indicating that those people may have voted in two states, and tranche five refers to election day ballots that were cast in the names of illegally registered voters.

Tranche six also refers to illegally registered voters who matched in out of state registration databases, and tranche seven referenced “unmatchable invalid residences” among people who appear to have registered illegally.

What’s that about “baseless claims” about election fraud?