Dumb Criminal Gets Instant Karma At Police Charity Event

A woman from Haslett, Michigan, attempted to shoplift over $700 worth of products from a Walmart in Michigan. However, her plan was foiled as 75 police officers were there for a Shop with a Cop charity event.

State troopers from the Brighton Post were reportedly present at the Genoa Township’s Walmart event. Police stated that thanks to contributions from local companies, Shop With a Cop allows kids in the neighborhood to shop with police officers as they buy necessities like food and clothing.

According to local reports, Michigan State Police Lt. Rene Gonzalez said the event supports children who may not otherwise have a nice Christmas. They may receive a $100 or 150 gift card to spend on themselves or their loved ones.

One shopper decided to try her hand at stealing among all the joy and in the presence of many police officers.

An employee at Walmart alerted an officer to a female thief attempting to steal hundreds of dollars worth of products.

Law enforcement officers were conspicuously present with their lights and sirens. The 62-year-old suspect, however, could care less.

The suspect was apprehended in the parking area by the police. Interestingly, the suspect had parked her car adjacent to a group of police patrol cars at the Shop with a Cop event, according to the police.

In reference to the daring aspect of the escapade, Gonzalez commented on local media about how shocked he was. Maybe the shoplifter believed they were too busy, but still, there were seventy-five police officers in the store.

According to a report, the suspect was apprehended and sent to Livingston County Jail, and the trooper went back inside to complete the event.

The shoplifter posted bail, and police said fraud charges would be filed against her.

According to local reports, court records will divulge her identity after she is prosecuted, and they show that she has no priors—just a few traffic citations from East Lansing.

Upbeat footage from the Shop with a Cop event in East Michigan was uploaded on CBS Detroit’s YouTube channel.