Dr. Phil To Woke Educators: What Gives You The Right?

(JustPatriots.com)- On Dr. Phil on Wednesday, parents, and educators sparred about the woke curriculum being taught in schools. Both sides of the argument brought up the Parental Rights in Education Act, which Florida Governor Ron DeSantis put into law.

Tina Descovich, a co-founder of Moms for Liberty, said that in accordance with current national education guidelines, students in grades K–3 must understand gender ideology by the third grade and that a person may be either a boy or a girl, neither, or both. That worries our parents and mothers a lot. There is no need for a kindergarten teacher to teach it to 5-year-olds; instead, families should have conversations about it.

Later, she made a statement about how over the last several years, particular material had been noticeably withheld from parents. Descovich pointed to Equality for Florida executive director Nadine Smith and stated that the policies in the state of Florida had been put in place that not only fails to notify parents of the choices being made about the safety of their children but also deliberately misleads them. They find this quite alarming, and one of the reasons parents have rallied so strongly behind their cause is that they don’t want to be duped by educators.

Professor Jody Armour said that Florida’s Parental Rights in Education statute employs “vague and nebulous criteria” to the point that “you don’t know if you’re going to run afoul of them. You simply avoid such talks entirely,” having a “chilling effect” on instructors.

Although educators acknowledge the “parental rights framework,” Armour said, “we also, as a public school system, want to educate citizens who are going to go out and be thriving and prosper in a democracy that’s multicultural.”

Dr. Phil said that the parents are responsible for it. He asked them what makes them believe they know more than a parent about what should happen to a kid when they have a life-determining choice, whether it be a decision about gender or anything else.

Dr. Phil pointed out that you must contact the parents before giving them Tylenol.

He continued by saying that teachers cannot keep parents in the dark about the political ideologies students are taught in the classroom.