Dr. Oz Promoted Controversial Medicine in Book With CCP-Back Academic

(JustPatriots.com)- Dr. Mehmet Oz, the popular television doctor who is running for the Republican nomination for an Ohio Senate seat, reportedly coauthored a book that promotes controversial traditional Chinese medicine with the head of a Beijing university that is run by the Chinese Communist Party.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Oz wrote the book “Yin Yang You” with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine President Anlong Xu. It’s not old, either – the book was released on October 11 last year, just a few weeks before he launched his campaign to be the next Senator for Pennsylvania.

The book advocates for an alternative form of medicine that goes back to the days of ancient China, which is largely considered anti-scientific and ineffective.

“Oz’s collaboration with Xu shows how the celebrity doctor’s drive to make money in China may have helped Beijing’s propaganda efforts. Oz, who has called on President Joe Biden to be “tougher” on Beijing, has made millions of dollars in the Chinese market from his television show and through a sponsorship deal with Usana Health, a wellness company with a heavy presence in China,” Chuck Ross writes for the Free Beacon.

The news is not good for the doctor-turned-politicians, whose campaign has begun flagging in recent months. As Oz attempts to maintain the support of America First voters in Ohio, this reporting could draw attention to a book that links him – a little too closely for many people’s liking – to the Chinese Communist Party.

The book was also released at a time when Chinese President Xi Jinping called on Chinese academics and scientists to develop and export traditional Chinese medicine all over the world and even claimed it could help people fight COVID-19. There is no scientific basis for this claim, but it looks as though Oz helped China propagate it anyway…

What do you think? Is this disqualifying or not?