Dr. Oz Closes Gap Against John Fetterman

(JustPatriots.com)- Recent Pennsylvania polls show that Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz is closing the gap in a high-profile Senate race against Democrat Lt. Gov. John Fetterman. Political strategists say it’s not surprising that establishment media outlets have stepped in to defend the Democrat, however, as Oz gains momentum and concerns about Fetterman’s post-stroke health spread.

Earlier this summer, when the Democrat mainly was campaigning from his home as he recovered from a stroke, Fetterman had a double-digit lead over Oz. But according to a recent CBS News survey, Fetterman has a five-point advantage over Oz among likely Pennsylvania voters.

Oz has made his medical records public. According to the Associated Press, the 62-year-old was in “great health,” following a routine checkup on Thursday. According to the AP, the Fetterman campaign declined to comment immediately.

The Washington Post editorial board demanded that Fetterman make his records public, pointing out that Pennsylvania may determine who controls the Senate, which is currently split 50-50.

“Mr. Fetterman is asking voters for a six-year contract without giving them enough information to make reasonable decisions about whether he’s up for such a difficult job,” the board stated.

We have urged candidates for federal office in both parties, such as Donald Trump and Joe Biden, to disclose their medical information thoroughly, and we think Mr. Fetterman should do the same.

To “reassure the public,” the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has also demanded that Fetterman provide his documents.

According to The Washington Post, Fetterman should commit to more than one debate.
The statement read, “Mr. Fetterman has been halting in his performances since returning to the campaign trail. He speaks slowly, seems perplexed, and keeps his comments brief. He hasn’t given any press conferences. Mr. Fetterman confesses that he has trouble processing auditory information, which makes it challenging for him to react fast to what he hears. He undergoes speech treatment, and we wish him a quick and complete recovery, but the lingering concerns about his health, highlighted by his reluctance to engage in discussion, are troubling.

We don’t need to speculate about whether he can be a successful leader in January after he’s had four more months to recover, Fetterman adviser Rebecca Katz said in an interview with NBC.

Oz has been gaining ground amid the specter of Fetterman seemingly concealing his health issues.