Donald Trump’s War With The Establishment Isn’t Over By A Longshot

( As President Donald Trump remains the most politically active former president in modern American history, left-wing news outlets are beginning to notice that he is having a huge influence over the Republican Party as we head into the 2022 midterm elections.

The Hill, an outlet that was once fairly friendly towards the Republican Party but which has become dramatically more left-wing in recent years, wrote last week that the former president is “seeping into every corner of the 2022 campaign trail.”

Writer Scott Wong noted how Republican Texas congressional candidate Morgan Luttrell recently called anti-Trump Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois – a fellow military veteran – and asked him to donate to his primary campaign. According to a Republican source, Kinzinger made the donation from an anti-Trump “Country First” political action committee.

Luttrell received so much backlash from Trump loyalists as a result that he was then forced to send the donation back to Kinzinger.

Wong described the situation as “strange” and said that it shows how “cautious” that inexperienced GOP candidates need to be as they navigate this cycle while Trump remains the most influential person in the Republican Party.

But is it strange?

No, not really.

Former President Donald Trump has repeatedly beaten current President Joe Biden in approval ratings, with countless polls already showing that he would easily win a presidential election if it were to be held right now.

As we head towards the 2022 midterms, Democrats are faced with the very real possibility that they will lose control of both the House and the Senate. That’s presumably why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the media on Wednesday that her Democratic colleagues intend to pass the unprecedented $2 trillion climate change and social spending bill – known as the “Build Back Better” bill – before Christmas.

With Trump at the helm of the Republican Party, and influencing almost all Republican candidates, 2022 could be the year that the GOP fully transforms into the multi-ethnic working-class party that Trump imagined it to be.

And the Democrats are going to hate it.