Donald Trump Will Hold Rally On July 3rd

( Former President Donald Trump is about to prove once again that he is one of the most popular people in American politics. He is set to take the stage in Florida next week in a rally on July 3.

The rally, which is expected to be done in the style of his famous presidential campaign rallies, will be sponsored by Save America, the Political Action Committee he established after leaving the White House.

In a statement about the upcoming rally, Trump said that his administration delivered for the American people of all backgrounds over the last four years, and this his Save America movement is about building on the accomplishments he made in the White House.

He said that Save America is about ensuring the United States maintains a policy of “America First” in both domestic and foreign policy and that children are taught to celebrate America’s rich heritage and traditions.

It comes at a time when the issue of Critical Race Theory being taught in American schools is at the forefront of national politics. President Joe Biden famously reversed Trump-era executive actions and re-introduced the teaching of Critical Race Theory, an extremist left-wing idea that pits White and Black people against one another, in federal agencies and the military.

The rally comes one year after former President Donald Trump’s famous speech in front of Mount Rushmore, in which he lauded the United States’ rich and diverse heritage and culture, and promised to build a memorial garden of historic American figures – a plan that was also reversed by President Joe Biden and his petty plan to destroy anything that would permanently remind America of the work Trump did to unite Americans.

The rally will start at 8pm, and doors will open at 2pm. Florida’s Republican Party has teamed up with Sky King Fireworks to put on a show, also.

Maybe we might hear some interesting announcements from the former president that day…