Donald Trump Takes His Position As Leader Of GOP As Opposition Melts

( NBC News doesn’t seem so impressed with the fact that former President Donald Trump remains the most popular figure in the Republican Party. The news outlet published a piece by Mark Murray, Ben Kamisar, Benjy Sarlin, and Chuck Todd this week, which exuded a sense of despair over the fact that Trump is still considered a leader in the party.

“As Trump’s grip on the GOP tightens, Washington Republicans shrug,” the four men wrote.

How many people does it take to write a (bad) op-ed? Seriously?

The writers point to the primary challenges and the developing GOP fields of candidates, and also falsely claim that there are “voting restrictions being passed by Republican-controlled state legislatures.” What they were presumably talking about is the multitude of new laws being passed in Republican states that ensure only legal votes are counted. There has not been a single “voting restriction” bill passed by any state legislature, Republican or Democrat.

Then, they point to “Trump glorifying the Jan. 6 rioters,” which never happened, before complaining that Trump was “threatening” that his voters won’t turn out in 2022 and 2024 if the Republican Party doesn’t support efforts to strengthen election integrity.

Basically, they lie throughout the piece, before complaining that Trump has “gotten stronger” in the GOP even though “much of the political world has decided to move on.” Which again, isn’t true.

The piece appears to be a poorly disguised effort to smear the Republican Party as clinging on to a relic – someone who is unpopular and who can’t win elections. But the truth is that the Republican Party remains supportive of President Trump precisely because the party believes in securing our elections, and because the work he did as president was so positive for average working Americans.

They really don’t want Trump to run again, do they?

If you want to see what fake news looks like, read the piece for yourself.