Donald Trump Responds To Israel Attack

( While Democrats attack their own candidate for mayor of New York City, Andrew Yang, for his support of Israel, former President Donald Trump came out and publicly sided with America’s ally against the disgraceful terrorist attacks that occurred this week.

The former president issued a statement that also condemned the Biden administration for demonstrating “weakness and lack of support for Israel” as Palestinian terrorists and Hamas continue to bombard the country with rockets.

“When I was in office we were known as Peace Presidency, because Israel’s adversaries know that the United States stood strongly with Israel and there would be swift retribution if Israel was attacked,” Trump said.

The former president also added that the world is getting more unstable and violent under the Biden administration because of his weakness and lack of support for Israel, which he says is prompting new attacks on American allies.

Hamas launched a fresh round of rockets at Tel Aviv and towards Jerusalem on Thursday, prompting Israel to continue hitting back at Islamists in Gaza who refuse to accept the existence and legitimacy of the Jewish state.

Some 67 people have been killed in Gaza since Monday when the violence started, according to the local health ministry. Medical officials also revealed that seven people have been killed in Israel.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden told the press that it was his “expectation and hope” that the violence would be “closing down sooner than later” and added that “Israel has a right to defend itself.”

He should be careful…AOC and the Squad might slam him as they did Andrew Yang for that one.

Biden offered no explanation or reasoning behind his suggestion that the violence would soon end, and so far, his prediction has been wrong.

On Wednesday, Israeli forces were forced to take out a senior Hamas commander and bomb a number of buildings that were linked to terrorist activities, which has prompted false claims from Democrats that Israel is mindlessly killing innocent people.

“Palestinian children deserve advocates for their humanity, safety, and security,” far-left Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar said on Tuesday. “No exceptions.”

What about Israeli children under attack from the Palestinians?

AOC even said that she stands “in solidarity” with Palestine as Hamas continues to fire rockets at the Jewish state.

With Democrats as extreme as this, how can the moderate wing of their party say that former President Trump is wrong?