Donald Trump Reportedly in Breakup With Marjorie Taylor Greene

According to, when former president Donald J. Trump was in Georgia over the weekend, where Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) resides, he allegedly ignored his biggest supporter hours after his federal indictment.

A video published by The Independent purportedly shows Greene standing on an airport runway as Trump exits his plane. Trump, however, did not approach Greene in an overture of friendship because Trump may not have seen the congresswoman on the tarmac. 

Nonetheless, this does not indicate a rift between Trump and the congresswoman. Despite the reported alleged snub, Trump nevertheless made sure to recognize Greene at his address in Georgia, where he referred to her as a warrior and even invited her onto the stage.

However, some members of the MAGA constituency have grown weary of Greene’s antics, even though she seems to maintain Trump’s favor.  Greene has taken a lot of heat from those who opposed the McCarthy election as Speaker of the House and, more specifically, the debt limit arrangement that McCarthy struck with President Biden. 

Both former Trump strategist Steve Bannon and pro-Trump activist Laura Loomer are advocating for Greene to get primaried in the upcoming election cycle. 

According to a report, in response to the newest outburst from the Georgia Representative, Laura Loomer tweeted that MTG (Marjorie Taylor Greene) how she and Steve Bannon had been the victims of a ‘dirty laundry’ attack because people had finally realized how bogus MTG was. Loomer said President Trump would soon see through her charade and discover she has been colluding with Speaker McCarthy to derail Trump’s reelection campaign. 

According to a report, Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene now says she opposes making public the recordings chronicling the events of January 6, 2021, because doing so may put the integrity of the Capitol at risk.

In an interview with Real America’s Voice, Greene claimed that making the surveillance footage public would put the safety of those who were on Capitol grounds yet didn’t go into the building or conduct any crimes at risk.