Donald Trump Praises Chuck Schumer’s Threat As He Stands Up To Mitch McConnell

( Former President Donald Trump isn’t shy about his opposition to Senate Minority Leader’s approach to ongoing discussions about infrastructure investments, as the Democrats prepare to push through an unprecedented $3.5 trillion bill that contains huge sums of money for various ultra-left non-infrastructure-related projects.

In a statement, the former president criticized McConnell’s support of the recent $1 trillion package, which was passed by the Senate, and even praised the tough negotiation skills of far-left New York Senator Chuck Schumer.

If Trump is praising Schumer for being tough and calling out Republican leaders, you know something is wrong.

Before the package was ultimately passed on Monday, Schumer said that the package can be passed “the easy way or the hard way.” He added that Republicans were leaning towards doing it the hard way…before Senate Minority Leader McConnell buckled along with a number of other Republicans.

In a statement, issued by the Save America PAC, Trump said that McConnell should have pulled the same “do it the hard way” move when trying to push a real infrastructure bill during the Trump administration.

Imagine if McConnell had fought like the Democrats do during Trump’s time in office?

“Mitch McConnell couldn’t do anything,” Trump added.


He also reminded readers that the infrastructure bills put forward by the Democrats aren’t infrastructure bills at all, but instead, the beginning of the Green New Deal.

Trump added that the bill he proposed, which McConnell failed to get through Congress, focused entirely on infrastructure and nothing more.

He continued that passing the new bill would be a “victory for the Democrats,” and said that he hopes the House Republicans will be braver than the Senate.

Maybe he shouldn’t hold his breath on that one…