Donald Trump May Soon Be Kicked Out Of His Own Home By Elitist Swamp Dwellers

( Donald Trump just moved out of his former home, the White House. And now, some of his new neighbors may force him out of his current South Florida home.

Officials in Palm Beach, Florida, are reviewing legal issues to determine whether Trump is allowed to live at Mar-a-Lago permanently. On Monday, Kirk Blouin, the town manager, told Fox News in a statement:

“Our town attorney, John Randolph, is reviewing the Declaration of Use Agreement and our Code of Ordinances to determine if former President Trump can live at Mar-a-Lago.”

On Inauguration Day on January 20, Trump and his family left Washington, D.C., on board Air Force One, arriving at his new Palm Beach home. Mar-a-Lago was once a private residence that Trump converted to a golf resort and social club back in 1993.

The issue, though, is that Trump signed an agreement more than 25 years ago that restricted guests from staying there at the club for more than “three non-consecutive seven-day periods” in any one year. That agreement apparently includes himself.

CNN has reported that during his time as president, Trump broke that agreement multiple times. Mar-a-Lago was even dubbed as Trump’s “Winter White House” during his administration.

Late last year, a family who lives next to Mar-a-Lago wrote a letter to U.S. Secret Service as well as officials in Palm Beach that argued Trump doesn’t have a legal right to live at Mar-a-Lago full time. The DeMoss family wrote in their letter that he was banned from doing so according to the 1993 agreement.

The Daily Mail reported in December that the letter included an accusation that the high-tech security system that surrounds Trump’s estate is giving her brain injuries. The family’s lawyer, Reginald Stambaugh, wrote in the December 15 letter, which the Daily Mail obtained:

“The security concerns remain of paramount importance, including issues associated with a microwave fence which is known to cause permanent brain trauma and other debilitating injuries. My client exhibits symptoms of exposure.”

The letter also warned that Trump could avoid an “embarrassing situation” of having a former president be evicted from his home. Now, though, it’s a little later for that, as Trump has moved to Mar-a-Lago.

In response, to the December letter, a Trump Organization spokesperson said:

“There is no document or agreement in place that prohibits President Trump from using Mar-a-Lago as his residence.”

Blouin said the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and the Secret Service provided security detail for Trump. He continued:

“We continually develop and share intelligence with our local and federal law enforcement partners regarding security issues.”

Local Republican officials seem happy to have the former president at Mar-a-Lago, though. Christian Ziegler, who serves as the vice chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, said:

“When he wants to have an event, we would build an event around him. If he wants to make any visits around the state, we will facilitate. It is his party.

“He is our hometown president.”