Donald Trump Lashes Out Over “Doctored” Interview With Piers Morgan

( In response to the sneak peek of an interview the former president did with Piers Morgan on British television, President Donald Trump has called the anchor a member of the “fake news media.”

Trump said on Wednesday that Piers Morgan, like the rest of the Fake News Media, attempted to edit his long and in-depth interview deceptively.

The former President said Morgan intended to make it seem as though he had walked out of the interview, even though the time pre-determined time restriction of 20 minutes had been exceeded by an hour.

Trump said the fortunate thing is that his camp filmed the interview to keep Morgan honest, which he hopes will help the anchor do the right thing.

On the 2020 Election Fraud topic, Trump was rather forceful, calling Morgan a moron if he honestly trusted the election outcome. Trump feels that the evidence is overwhelming and unrefutable that the election was stolen.

Trump asked that people compare Morgan’s video promo to the raw footage to see how it was manipulated to make him seem foolish.

Dismayed, Trump said that hopefully, Morgan would make some significant modifications to the final product, and this event demonstrates the difficulties he has in dealing with the Fake News Media.

According to the New York Post, the teaser tape depicts the former president growing more and more upset with the questions as the interview went on.

Donald Trump says in the video that he believes himself to be a very trustworthy individual, much more trustworthy than Morgan.

“Are you serious?” Morgan inquired.

“Yeah,” Trump said in response.

The fact that Morgan doctored the video vindicates Trump and proves his point.

The interview is described as the most explosive interview of the year.

When the filming comes to a close, Trump gets up from his chair and asks that the camera be turned off.

But, near the interview’s conclusion, the two guys can be heard praising one other and laughing together.

Morgan is heard remarking that it was a fantastic interview.

Trump concurs.

“Thank you very much for everything,” Morgan replies before Trump orders the camera to be turned off.

That benign part was repurposed to sensationalize an “unhinged” Trump to boost interest and ratings.

Morgan is, indeed, dishonest, just as Trump presciently said.