Donald Trump Asks Fans To Get Vaccinated

( Former President Donald Trump appeared in a sit-down interview with Fox News host and humorist Greg Gutfeld last week. During the “Gutfeld!” episode, the former president discussed a number of topics on the minds of the American people, from President Joe Biden’s horrible handling of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan to the crisis on the southern border.

But Gutfeld also got a dose of the former president’s notorious interest in TV ratings, telling him how his show’s ratings are “fabulous” that describing Gutfeld as “kind of the late-night.”

Take that, James Corden.

Trump, who was previously the star of “The Apprentice” and one of the most recognizable billionaires on television before he announced his run for president in 2015, praised Gutfeld for beating some “very untalented people.”

“To be honest with you, so I’m not sure how great that is,” Trump joked, before continuing to berate left-wing TV news and late-night hosts.

It was a surprise for everybody, given that these two men haven’t always seen eye to eye.

Gutfeld specifically asked the president if he recalled how they were less than friendly with each other in the past and admitted that he was a staunch critic of Trump during his early days in the campaign and even in the White House.

Trump responded that he knew in the early days he wasn’t a fan, until he noticed that “things were getting done.”

Good policy and economic successes are enough to change most normal people’s opinion of a president…

He joked that he thinks that Gutfeld now might be “getting close” to loving him, to which Gutfeld responded that he had a feeling of “admiration” for his administration.

You can catch the full interview on Fox here.

Let’s hope we see more of Trump on late night TV again.