Donald Trump Accuses Former Aide of Being a “Deep States stiff”

( The odious Fiona Hill, one of Adam Schiff’s star witnesses in his UkraineGate impeachment hearings, has released an anti-Trump book called “There is Nothing for You Here.”

Hill’s book is geared for readers who still believe that Donald Trump was under the sway of Vladimir Putin.

She claims Trump was so consumed by what people thought of him that Putin was able to manipulate the former President simply by offering or withholding compliments. Hill claims that Trump’s “vanity and fragile self-esteem” enabled Putin to control him more effectively than any dirt or blackmail might have done.

While she admits that Trump had a talent Hillary Clinton lacked – namely an ability to relate to and engage with regular Americans – Hill claims that it was all squandered because he was such a thin-skinned guy who made everything all about himself.

She claims Trump was envious of Putin’s wealth, power and fame and that this envy ultimately led to Trump emulating Putin’s autocratic tendencies, writing “Sometimes even I was startled by how glaringly obvious the similarities were.”

Well, unsurprisingly, President Trump was not at all happy that Fiona Hill has joined the ranks of those writing hit-books about him.

Last week after her book was released, Trump released a statement slamming Hill. Saying she was “terrible at her job,” Trump said he never heard her name until she turned up as a witness in his first impeachment. Trump said her testimony was “a total con job.” And while he conceded that she may have been present in some meetings with him, she was not anybody he recognized. But despite that, Trump went on, “she acted like she was a know-it-all,” adding “she had no influence whatsoever.”

Trump then said Fiona Hill was close to John Bolton, whom he described as “one of the dumbest and most ‘crazed’ people in Washington.”

After complaining a bit about Bolton, Trump returned his attention to Fiona Hill whom he described as “a Deep State stiff with a nice accent.”

Trump slammed her book along with all the other anti-Trump books coming out, adding that they are written by people “who had virtually no access to me, and who I didn’t even know.”