DOJ & Oregon Law Enforcement Arrest And Prosecute Violent Rioters In Portland

( It looks like the Democrat leaders of Portland, Oregon, aren’t succeeding in their attempts to stop federal authorities working with state law enforcement to find and hold accountable the people responsible for months of riots in the city. Reports suggest that Trump’s Department of Justice is working alongside law enforcement in the city to arrest and prosecute people who have so far escaped accountability despite (allegedly) plotting and engaging in violent riots.

Some of the crimes people have recently been charged with in the city include threatening city employees and police officers and even allegedly plotting to plant an explosive in a police precinct.

Peaceful protesters, huh?

According to Fox News, three arrests were publicized by law enforcement on Thursday. They include the FBI arrest of Kyle Robert Tornow, a 36-year-old who is understood to be connected to a false threat made through Portland Police’s online communication system. Tornow, who is from Seattle, is alleged to have used a fake name to inform officer he planned to plant a bomb outside one of the police precincts. He has since admitted to sending that threat.

“I am going to bomb a police precinct in Portland, OR. The bomb is already in place and has been packaged in a way that prevents detection from canine officers,” he wrote. “Unless your officers disengage your war with the citizens of Portland I will blow up this precinct.”

Peaceful protesters!

The Department of Justice said that the man had also previously been arrested for car theft and harassment and now faces up to ten years in prison and $250,000 in fines.

On Wednesday, 38-year-old Jesse Herman Bates also appeared in court relating to civil disorder charges. He is accused of shooting a firefighter with a metal ball in July.

In the same press release, Portland Police also described how Michelle Peterson O’Connor, a 31-year-old rioter, threw a helmet at a police officer and struck him in the head while he was attempting to make an arrest.

Well, it might be a little later than needed, but it looks like the arrests are finally being made. How long will it take before the Democrats realize they need to fully cooperate with the feds to get this under control?