DOJ Given Order Regarding Donald Trump

( The Department of Justice has been ordered by District Judge Amy Berman Jackson to hand over an internal memorandum from March 2019 that was cited by then-Attorney General William Barr as a reason not to charge former President Donald Trump with obstruction of justice after the failed Mueller investigation.

The memo in question concluded that the “evidence” – or the lack of evidence – collected by Robert Mueller’s team investigating false claims of collusion between Team Trump and Russia in the 2016 was insufficient and did not prove any kind of obstruction of justice.

Sections of the memo have previously been published, but the Department of Justice will now be given two weeks to publish the full memo. It comes as a result of a lawsuit from “Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington,” which wants to see the exact reasons why the Department couldn’t conclude that there was obstruction of justice.

“It’s time for the public to see that, too,” Judge Jackson said in her Tuesday ruling.

The judge also said that the Justice Department has obscured the “true purpose” of the memo and that it contained “strategic, as opposed to legal” advice on the matter.

Sure, we’ll see.

“The review of the document reveals that the Attorney General was not then engaged in making a decision about whether the President should be charged with obstruction of justice; the fact that he would not be prosecuted was a given,” the judge continued.

Jackson, unsurprisingly, is a political appointee by former President Barack Obama. She claimed that “not only was the Attorney General being disingenuous then, but DOJ has been disingenuous to the Court with respect to the existence of a decision-making process that should be shielded by the deliberative process privilege.”

In short, they’re still digging to find evidence of collusion between President Donald Trump and Russia, or evidence that he obstructed justice.

…which they’re not going to find.