DOD Tries To Claim Growing Aggression Against America Isn’t Biden’s Fault

( Department of Defense officials are doing their best to protect President Joe Biden from criticism over his total failure to continue President Donald Trump’s pattern of establishing peace with foreign adversaries.

Reports reveal how top Pentagon officials recognized recently that China and North Korea have become more aggressive over the last two years, but insisted that President Joe Biden isn’t the reason why.


During a House Armed Services Committee hearing that took place on Thursday, Ely Ratner agreed with Republican Indiana Rep. Jim Banks that the threat of China invading Taiwan is greater than ever. Ratner is the Assistant Secretary of Defense of Indo-Pacific Security Affairs.

Pacific Command Commander Navy Adm. John Aquilino also agreed with the assessment that China is becoming more aggressive, prompting Rep. Banks to cite comments from National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan in August of 2019, in which he claimed that the Trump administration had made it more likely that the United States will be dragged into a war with China more likely.

Banks asked the Defense Department officials if the same could be said about President Joe Biden’s first 14 months on the job.

Banks asked what has changed between 2019 and now, and what the fundamental difference in foreign policy today led to increased aggression from China.

Ratner responded by suggesting that he does not attribute the decisions made by Chinese President Xi Jinping to be motivated by the United States.

How convenient…

“This is about what the People’s Republic of China has done, not what anyone else has done, right?” Aquilino then said, jumping in to the conversation to defend President Biden.

Even when reminded that North Korea has recently restarted launching rockets after refraining from doing so for four years, the DoD officials just couldn’t admit that President Joe Biden is handling the situation differently from President Trump.

Do you need any more evidence that the Deep State exists?

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