DNC Chair Hits Ted Cruz Over Biden Criticism With Insane Claim

(JustPatriots.com)- Last week in an interview with Fox’s Jesse Waters, Senator Ted Cruz hit Joe Biden hard over his myriad of failures in five short months in office. Like many have already done, Cruz compared Joe Biden to the failed presidency of Jimmy Carter.

Citing the gas crisis, gas lines, inflation and the war in the Middle East, Cruz pointed out that Biden’s “ideology and incompetence” are also what characterized the Carter years. But, Cruz points out, it took Carter to get us Ronald Reagan.

Cruz believes Biden is setting us up for a pendulum swing that will return the country to “fiscal sanity” and the “direction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

Clearly the Jimmy Carter comparison is a sore spot for the Democrats.

After Cruz the video of this interview on Twitter, DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison, whose only job qualification is losing to Lindsey Graham in 2020, quote-tweeted Cruz’s video, telling Cruz that he isn’t “qualified enough” to tie Biden’s shoes, “let alone speak his name disparagingly.”

Seems an odd way to admit to the world that Joe Biden doesn’t know how to tie his own shoes. But to each his own.

Harrison, speaking disparagingly to Cruz, referred to the Texas Senator as “Sen. Cancun” and accused him of betraying his oath of office for leaving for Cancun and abandoning his people “in the midst of a disaster.” Which, if Ted Cruz was the Governor of Texas, would have been a righteous slam.

The funny thing is, in his tweet Harrison spends more time defending Jimmy Carter than he does Joe Biden. In fact, other than admitting that Biden can’t tie his own shoes, he doesn’t say much about Joe Biden at all.

Saying Ted Cruz isn’t qualified to “speak his name disparagingly” isn’t exactly a full-throated defense of Joe Biden. Obviously Harrison believes there are people qualified to speak disparagingly about Joe Biden, only Ted Cruz isn’t one of them.

By way of defenses, this one is weak beer.